I have been asked to put together a SIMPLE description of our responsibilities and opportunities to help Rotary Foundation.  If you desire more details, please go to www.rotary.org or just log on to our clubrunner web site and click on the Foundation link.
We have already had presentations telling us what the annual fund and the permanent fund are:  The annual fund is like a checking account while the permanent fund is like a savings account.
Money donated to the annual fund is available to be spent while only the interest earned from the permanent fund is available to be spent.
Annual Fund:
Sustaining Members:  Contribute at least $100 per year to Rotary Foundation.  This money is applied to the Paul Harris award which you receive after having donated at least $1000 (can be done over many years)  Three ways to make this contribution: 1) Make out a check payable to "Rotary Foundation" and hand it to Ken Roberts at a club meeting; 2) go online at www.rotary.org and click on contribution link (you will need to know your membership number, club number (82422) and our district number (5020) to make sure your payment is properly applied or 3) fill out a TRF form (these will be available at back table at all future club meetings) using this form you can charge the amount on your credit card.  You can make this a one time charge or a charge that renews (you set the time-frame).  If you have any questions, just see Ken Roberts at a club meeting.
ALL of us agreed to make this $100 annual contribution when we joined our club, but to date only 7 of us have done this.
EREY: This is another part of the annual fund.  Any club member donating at least FIVE DOLLARS to Rotary Foundation qualifies for the Every Rotarian Every Year designation.  There is a big deal for clubs that have 100% participation.  All sustaining members AUTOMATICALLY are included in the EREY program. 
Polio Plus:  We have already reached our club goal of $1,000 for the Rotary year.  In addition,  a large percentage of funds from Rotary International are also earmarked for Polio Plus, so when you donate to the Foundation, some of those funds end up going to Polio Plus.
Paul Harris Fellow:  This requires total of $1,000 donation (or combination of donated funds and gift of recognition points from those who already are Paul Harris Fellows:  Right now one of these members is willing to "gift" 100 points to those making $100 contributions to the Sustaining membership program.  So far 4 members have qualified and the next two who contribute $100 will also get 100 matching points.  
Permanent fund:
Benefactor:  You commit to give Rotary Foundation at least $1,000 upon your death.  This is done by signing a post card.
Bequest Member: You commit to give Rotary Foundation at least $10,000 upon your death. This is done by signing a letter that is sent to Rotary Foundation.
Both of the above can be done by adding Rotary as a beneficiary to insurance, will, or estate plan.  This is easy and takes nothing out of your pocket.
There are many levels in the Benefactor program.
Let me know if you have any questions.  Looks like I will be taking 5 minutes at each future meeting to answer questions or to feature one of the above programs.
Ken Roberts
Foundation Chair