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Progress Summary as 12/14/09; a) To-date, 19 orders have been placed with a running total of $190 contribution towards the Club's ShelterBox 2010/11 allocation. This service project is about 20% of its goal. b) Big "THANK YOUs" to the club leading sellers to-date. + Connie Rose with 6 orders placed + Kathi Melendez with 3 orders placed + Wayne Washer with 2 orders placed + Les Hooper with 2 orders placed + Sarah Watson with 2 orders placed In Club Runner,First sign in. One the left side of the home page you will see "Links". Near the bottom, under site pages, click on "Committee Pages". You will then see the four committee pages that I set up: "Club Service", "Membership", "Foundation" and "PR". There is nothing in any of them yet. If you click on "Club service", you will see the document detail report. The goal is to raise $1000 net for a club ShelterBox allocation. We, the board, need to encourage each member to attempt to sell or buy 3 orders to have a shot at the goal. The next order will in January (just in time for SuperBowl). Thank you for your support and contribution in advance.